Fewa Summits Renunciation

Oh, Fewa Lake! You're the glory glance of Pokhara,
A gift of nature with deep blue sky reflection,
A mirror and joy for everyone in Thy vision,
Ever peaceful hidden treasure -n- nature possession.
The shelter of all livings–n–nonlivings,
Floater of Himalayan Annapurna range -n- the people,
Hills-n-hillocks, trees -n- forests, villages-n-cities,
Fauna- n- floras, minds -n- thoughts of the poets.
An inspiration of civilization, agriculture-n-boating,
Lap of encroachment, floods, sand -n- silt,
Rains-n-rainbows, birds, their flies -n- chirps,
Fishes and their enchanting dances -n- tilts.
Conquerer of firmness -n- forbearance,
Egotism, lust, brute force, anger-n - arrogance,
Never mind you're squeezed in shape -n- size,
But always in a peaceful whisper for self-dance.
A destination of tourists, ethnicists -n- pilgrims,
A soother in the heart of honey-moon dwellers,
Employment generator, founder of hotels -n- restaurants,
The worth sight of film producers, musicians -n- singers.
You're a dependable source of micro-hydropower,
Contributor of environmentally safer Pokhara,
The heartbeat of Nepalese unity -n- eternity,
Self-confident in creativity, agility -n- sustainability.
Manifest festivals, happiness -n- peace of Thine,
Service to all creatures -n- charity to shine,
Fewa summits renunciation of the fruit of actions,
Ever to refine, ever to refine and ever to refine.