Journey, had traveled the roads / Kamala B. Sarup


Had traveled the roads,
And hills,
Nights and Morning
Emotional and
Journey, day for a long time.
Night for a long time,
Journey, had begun
Had traveled the roads
As I feel,
The truth,
It is each other fully.
With roads,
A cold weather is blowing.
Long out walking.
And I am sitting on the window.
The moon and the
Trees are shaking
Flower is smiling,
My life,
Many things of life.
The existence of life
The whole story of life
I am becoming very sentimental
The value of life
My journey,
Can't make time available
The journey started together,
With life,
I have to complete it
I require at the present time
Now slowly,
The journey I had begun
A long path of in life,
And getting my life
I cann't afford to walk,
During the great night
Have to spend on whole time
The road is about to collapse
The moon is about to collapse
And its only a life in name.
Couldn't serve life properly
Even a cup of tea
When I visited the road
I am just silently listening
I am waiting,
For my life sitting on the journey
All the time,
I think this coming season
Road will certainly not hold
The rain at all.
Journey will certainly not hold
The rain
I am not worried.
I am not scared.
My life commits of a life
When I see me
With the time,
Most of the time,
I ask myself repeatedly to
Be cheerful and explain in detail
The value of being with my life
For freedom
Don't have a long story
This is the endless path
Of the journey between
Me and my journey
Journey begun
Have traveled the roads,
And hills,
Nights and Morning
Emotional and
Day for a long time

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