Tamor Whispers in Tranquility/ Dr Madhav Joshi "Lamjunge"


Oh! Bluish Tamor –n-Taplejung riverine,

Trans-Himalayan origin of thine,

Deepening detritions on bed-rock cores,

Setting eco-niches on ooze-ores.


Melodiously enchanting bypath sound,

Inspiring lives-n- livelihoods all around,

Fluently sharing with incoming tributaries,

Complementing Sunkosi with purities.


Sky-high Kanchenjungha for higher aim,

Eternal peace with Pathibhara realm,

Unbounded-and-ever awakening Devine,

In the snugly serpentine course of thine.

Tapethok-Lelep-trail to Walanchung Gola 

Viewing glaciers better from upper Ghunsa,

Wildlife,  fauna -n-flora in diversity,

Harmonizing Sherpa-Limbu-Rai-n-all in unity


Diverse watersheds, rangelands-n-eco-culture, 

Hydro-power, eco-tourism–n-niche-agriculture,

Conserving birds –n-wildlife from extinction,

Including micro-organisms in Thy vision.


Himalayan Ramsar lakes of significance,

Treasures to explore for glary glance,

Precious Himalayan herbs of thine,

Search-n-research them to grow –n- refine.


Visualize Tamor to explore the gift,

New Nepal–n-new paradigm shift,

Attempt unless otherwise in utility,

Tamor whispers in tranquility.


[Composed  in the context of Nepal  tourism Year 2011]