I am a feminist/ Prof. Dr. D. P. Bhandari


Woman is a beautiful thing
From the moments of man's creation
Woman came before man
And she was the first
To look speechlessly at the stars
And to wondrously tread the earth
Then man followed her ways.
Right to the beginning of speech
God knows for how long
Man and woman walked speechless
Among fish, fowls and animals
Upon the luxuriant surface of the earth
Naked and clad to the sky
they searched their food and shelter
Together, upon the opulent planet
And slowly moved into holy act of copulation
In friction the language was born
In friction man and woman were born
And friction became the cause
Of own becoming and being.
Struggling and struggling woman
Has come to this stage
Followed by her puppet called man
Man is history's much vaunting creature
Ignorant of his dependence upon woman
And ignorant of many other things
Hidden inside her slender features.
Man and woman are seeking each other
After their original form- Hermaphrodite-
Split into the tragedy
Of separate forms
Man, more piteous and desperate
Woman more patient and calm
In the guest for the reunion-
A painful impossibility
Each is unaware of the original search
By the momentary mating of two bodies
The original ecstasy of Ardhanariswor
Is lost for ever
Never to be made up
I repeat
Woman is a lovely animal looking for man
Man is the ugly animal entering into the woman
Yet both are searching for joy that is not there
"The tragedy of sexual intercourse"
Said a great poet", is the
perpetual virginity of his soul.