The Swallow and Devkota / Laxmi Prasad Devkota

The swallow and Devkota
Share the same nest and the same trait.

How do the tiger and the lamb drink water together on this bank!
Sitting down does Nature thread
Both hearts in a string.
It isn't afraid, I've no doubt!
Both the beings have a false cause to be awake
At midnight in a room.
Falling low, coming downward there's
Fire in this world,
Going high beyond limits there's
The cold snow of eminence.
Living in the middle
Modest fluttering,
One lives in pleasures sweet!

Look! Right here is stretched
The long, thin electric wire!
How do the live currents flow in that!
On that the swallow sits on guard all through the night
The poet's heart also takes fitful naps alike.
The heart smells the moistened earth
Gazed upon by the heaven through tears.
Through all days
The heart pecks and pricks
For the means to make love's mansion
In the mind!
In the solitude of night while
The world falls asleep
The eyes of imagination, always alert, begin to doze.

Sweet are the friends, the poems, the female one
The light with self!
For a firm hold on life in this world
Are its 'cheep' and 'peep'.
To pass your honeymoon you chose Nepal
The place that is healthy and high.
Silently does the tie spiritual
Between the swallow and Devkota weep.
Seeing our creative pain
The starry sky like the eyes of compassion,
Peeping through a crack in the window,
Falls down rolling in a star.
The swallow and Devkota
Share the same nest and the same trait.

We came chasing the spring
The dream flowers become real!
We sang the song of Gauri-Shankar,
The song that's the duet of Prakriti and Purush.
The melodious creation of that beak and this taste-bud
Is our own abode.
The ages' children may open their eyes
Looking far ahead!
We sight constantly
The mud trodden by every feet
That is the means of our abode.
Such bricks and such mud are found all over Nepal
All over the world!
All over the days, fluttering, flapping
The nose smells the earthy smell.
Trying to lift the clay softened by heaven's tears
It pecks and pricks,
The swallow and Devkota
Share the same nest and the same trait.

When the young ones hatched in the nest
Grow their wings,
We in fondness wish
To take them to the forest to make them fly.
Then, will fly high
We the loving couple,
The swallow couple of poetry and poet.
Flapping shall we reach the sea-shore
To turn back once
And to look through tears
The forest of human beings.
In happiness will then our souls submerge.
The labour-pain,
The anguish felt for their abode will vanish.
The swallow and Devkota
Share the same nest and the same trait.