Life is a beautiful memory and it's a living memory


Dubasu Chhetri writes to protect human relationship like T.S. Eliot did, Like Devkota did or Rabindranath Tagore did. He added. "There are poets. They always have a great human respect for my life. My all time favorite writers are Devkota, Shakespeare and Frost. I also like the writing of many contemporarywriters". Dubasu has varied themes in his work such as freedom, peace and love.

Dubasu Chhetri is a poet whose writing field is to express love. He has written hundreds of poems and lyrics of songs. Sentimental at heart, he writes to express kindness. He writes to express love. He writes to express humanity. He writes to express beauty and arts.

He said " I want my thoughts to be disseminated widely".

Dubasu has varied themes in his work such as life and relationships.
He has been writing for decades now. He does not remember exactly when he started writing but he does remember it is since his childhood. He started writing since his early life.

He used to watch the moon and write. "Moon is a symbol of love. It
gives natural feelings like you are touching your own soul." he said.

"We still have to love one another". He asked to Moon.

"When I write, life can be touched." he said. He stared at the moon
and in his poems wrote his love letters about the sense of love . In his writings there is confidence. There is faith. In his writings there is compromise, humanity and feelings.

" I love your sense that I keep the meaning of love differently in my
writing. A poem is a permanent theme. I love human feelings, ways of thinking." Dubasu said.

"It might be that the clue of our love stands only in my belief, the prayer for your success. You may not turn off my good feelings. They are for you. I want to prove that my love and my poems are unselfish". Dubasu writes.

He further added "My feeling is beautiful , the heart is wondering and I am becoming like poems on a journey with promise. My poems may not turn off my good feelings .It is for human . Love doesn't count profit. Poem does not count profit. Song does not count profit. Today love or poem is contradictory. I wish to build a history of my poems.

I am always ready to fight the battle of love. Poems are the light of my life . Without poems life is dark. Poems are my destination". Dubasu said.