The International Frog Conference / Bhairav Aryal

Bhairav Aryal EssayIn today's world, a son has greater worries than the unemployed; a journalist is in a greater rush than a taxi car. On top of that, if someone takes up journalism in order to stave off the daily hassles of being a son, you can imagine how patchy his life gets. And I am the kind of journalist who must serve journalism all day on the basis of a rickety cycle, and enjoy the nectar of filial life in the early evening, scraping out the pot for storing grains.


Bhim Nidhi Tiwari: A Born Writer Of Nepal / Yuba Nath Lamsal

Bhim Nidhi TiwariBhim Nidhi Tiwari is one of the legendary literary icons of Nepal. His contribution in the field of Nepali literature is so great that he would always remain in the heart of millions of Nepali speaking population both at home and abroad. There are more than three dozen books to his credit—a feat only a few Nepali writers have achieved.


Poet Writes For The Moment / Kamala B Sarup

Dubasu Chhetri

Dr. Dubasu Chhetri's work  'Aswomedh Yagya ka Ghodaharu'‚ an anthology of poems is beautiful. In these turbulent times, many writers reveal more about their likes and dislikes rather than the causes and effects of current events. But a poet Dubasu Chhetri is different.  He writes more about the causes and effects of  life and society.  His poems defines the life method, explains how it differs from other knowledge and wisdom.


Reminiscing Bhim Darshan Roka / Jangab Chauhan

Standing on the cliffs

On the banks of the river that carries the flood and bore

Walking alone

Gazing at the horizons for shore

I am drawing shape deep within the cloud‟s inner core

(Trans. Watson, Nepalikavita.com) 


Poet Dinesh Adhikari's Poetry gives Expression / Kamala B Sarup

Dinesh AdhikariA famous Nepali poet Dinesh Adhikari has written for motion pictures, lyrics and has produced ten solo music albums. Dinesh Adhikari's poems are full of feelings, and love. In every creation, he always prefer to experiment in terms of using new thought.

The day following my wedding
We set out on a walk
The sky, in turmoil, turned gray
And clouds began to thunder
And the rain began to pour
Not a place in sight nearby
For shelter from the rain


A Small Fish Squats by the Dhobi Khola / Manu Brajaki

Today he saw that the ugly iron Aligarh padlock was still hanging on the outside of the lavatory door. Its paint and polish had all washed away. He stared at the locked lavatory, deep in thought. Someone had chalked a picture on its outer wall of a betel leaf pierced by an arrow. It seemed incongruous to him; this was no place to be wounded by love.


Theory Is Not the Beast/ Mahesh Paudyal

SiddhantaKa KuraThe question of whether theory is actually essential for understanding and appreciating literature has long existed in academia. With the onset of what we call the modern age, theory has powerfully penetrated the reception of literature.


A harbinger of revolution/ Mahesh Paudyal

It is 2011, a year of milestones for Nepali literature. It represents, for one, the centenary of the romantic exuberance that blossomed in poetry at the hands of masters like Laxmi Prasad Devkota. It also marks the centenary of the nihilism that replaced an earlier tradition of spiritualism in Nepali poetry, which had its roots in Bhanubhakta Acharya, and to some extent Lekhanath Paudyal.


Joint Pain/ Padam Gautam

First, they burned jungles, 

cornfields and hungry huts.

Burnt cots, almirahs and clothes,

and stumps of the remaining trees--

the same ash seekers

Then they made our children 

carry the ashes on their mule backs. 


Again they burnt the whole landscape--

wheat fields, barns,

and my beautiful wooden house.

Slowly as we watched 

they burnt the whole village.

Powerless, this moment

we stand shivering in the cold

alone, bare and bleak 


A romantic renaissance/ Mahesh Paudyal 'Prarambha'


Galibko chihan ra aru kathaharuI am still thereAt the border scribbled byA shred of your tearsRemembering your song

This is Prakash Sayami at the border—the no-man’s land characterised by a cleft identity scattered among different, undecided personalities. He is at a quadrivial of creative life, unable still to settle in any particular work. A lyricist, poet, researcher, filmmaker, coordinator, broadcaster among others, Sayami appears intent, at least now, on settling on a track and maintaining it. This track is perhaps offered to him by poetry.




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