Ram Kumari Sister

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...then sister Ram Kumari was seen as a mystifying enigma. I never knew what were hidden inside her. She used to remain quiet as if she was plunged into a deep thought or suffering from an inexpressible awful mourning. "I'm born as the most intelligent creature in this planet, lets make my life present, let?s clutch the joy of nature", these were the thoughts which never struck her head. She preferred to be alone in her room. The room contained verities of modern equipment, but neither of them had seen to be used since a long time. I lived with her about ten years. But, in this long span of my life, I don?t remember speaking to her more than hundred times.

Initially I came to her in the search of shelter. At that very moment I was shocked by her empty 'SHEUNDO', a pair of eyes losing their eyesight, pale and charm less face with broad forehead missing 'TIKA'. Every morning at 5?o clock when I woke up, I would see her at the garden. When I got out from bathroom, I was served breakfast on my table. At 9?o clock she used to serve me lunch, then I would go for work. I never returned home early. It was never before midnight.

Between those days I got a fine job and I had to leave the city for it. Anyway it was the fact that sooner or later I had to leave her to make my career and to secure my future. I did not want to leave her without knowing about the reasons for her helplessness and pessimistic feelings. But, I had already got an order to take charge in another place. The day of departure was approaching and I was getting restless and nervous. Controlling the whirlwind of my heart, one day I appeared in front of her and informed about my impeding departure. She got emotional; the words were coming out with great difficulty, may be it was the extent of her love for me. With the eyes full of tears she replied, 'Please don?t make me alone, we both have similar lifeline and I don't have any one except you, I see my brother's image in you, poor boy! If he had survived, would have been of your age.'

Then according to her wish I married a girl. I had thought that my wife's company would entertain her. But it did not bring any pleasure in her tragic world. She made her health worse after my marriage. She became more introvert then she used to be. Her eyes used to stick in a place for hours; her face became dull and turned pale. One day she left us forever by taking poison. In this way her memories are continues to become fainter and fainter in my mind...



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