Democracy For My Country / Kishore Pahadi

There are stars in the sky,
Why not on the earth? —for if there were
Full in the bucket I could carry those stars
To home
From the office
For small sons and daughters
Those stars could be distributed one each
And could be said —"This is Democracy—
                                 Take, consume."
What would those children do with the stars?
What would the children do with democracy?
—thinking it a flower from the garden
Would they pin it in the hair?
—thinking it a marble
Would they play it with their  fingers?
—or thinking it a milk chocolate
Would they put it in their mouth to munch ?
—or otherwise thinking a ball of air
Would they propel it with a kick ?
I am at the top floor
They are below on the porch
Other wise I would have told them :
"Children ! don't act so,
Since every one wants a star,
Gather and put them at one place
At least
Would have lit our house.
                  *     *       * 
Translated by Wayne Amtzis