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Shrijana Dot Com is web portal for inspiring Nepalese to promote the innate creative energy through literature. It is an effortless accessible e-magazine for Nepalese writers, readers and lovers of literature who are scattered throughout the world.

Our team is composed of highly enthusiastic, proficient and dedicated individuals. Shrijana.com is a non profitable online magazine. This web site endeavors to connect all Nepalese writers and portray their voice through writing.

To give continuation to Nepalese Literature throughout the world and meet global Standards in Literature.

To be one of the most sought online Nepalese Literature Magazines in the world.


1. To bring and connect all the Literature lovers together.
2. To enthuse aspiring writers.
3. To provide avid readers with quality articles.
4. To give the awareness of Literature.
5. To provide readily access to shrijana.com


Bhogen Akle
Mekh Gurung
Renu Rai
Rabin Rai
Bishnunanda Chamling

URL : www.shrijana.com

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