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DuBaSu Chhetri

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Dubasu Chhetri

Dr. Dubasu Chhetri's work  'Aswomedh Yagya ka Ghodaharu'‚ an anthology of poems is beautiful. In these turbulent times, many writers reveal more about their likes and dislikes rather than the causes and effects of current events. But a poet Dubasu Chhetri is different.  He writes more about the causes and effects of  life and society.  His poems defines the life method, explains how it differs from other knowledge and wisdom.

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जब पुनमको चुरा खस्यो
मेरो मनको चुचुरा खस्यो ।

फूलको धारले नै रेट्न थालेपछि
उनको मनको छुरा खस्यो ।

पोको पारेर राखेको ठाउँबाट
आज अचानक कुरा खस्यो ।

सपनाको चखेवा खेलाउँदै थिएँ



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